Is BSSM Equip an online school?

No. BSSM Equip is not designed to be used as an online school. Rather it is a way for leaders to access training and curriculum through an online platform to enhance the learning and momentum of a physical school of ministry. If you are interested in attending BSSM Online, please visit their website for more information.

Can I use BSSM Equip by myself without an instructor or school?

No. Community is extremely important to growth, and we believe we go farther together. BSSM Equip is designed to be entirely utilized by school leaders to enhance learning as part of their existing physical school. If you are an individual interested in joining a school of ministry in your area, email us at to find out about schools in your area. Please note each school is independent and not officially affiliated with BSSM and must be contacted directly for more information.

How much does BSSM Equip cost? How often do I have to pay?

BSSM Equip offers monthly subscription package options: School Leader Training, Curriculum: Teachers Only, and Curriculum: Teachers & Students. Go to the pricing section of the website for exact pricing details. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

How can I budget student tuition to pay for the cost of BSSM Equip?

Since the first curriculum was released, we had designed and anticipated that schools would have an ongoing per student cost. We developed student manuals that would be purchased alongside the DVDs, which cost $20 (hardcopy) or $10 (PDFs). The manuals do not need to be purchased for BSSM Equip.

Example of costs: After initial investment of curriculum, a school using the manuals will spend $5-$20/mo per student // Avg. school year is 9mo.  // Avg. # of students 15-50 // Spending $45-$180yr per student.


249 Pkg 12 months Yearly cost divided by 9 mo
1-25 $249-$9.96/mo per student $119.52/yr per student
26-50 $9.57-$4.98/mo per student $114.84-$59.76/yr per student
51-75 $4.88-$3.32/mo per student $58.56-$39.84/yr per student
76-100 $3.28-$2.49/mo per student


299 Pkg (25) 1-25 students Up to 25 students
$29.99/mo-$11.96/mo Per month for 12 months
$39.98/mo-$15.96/mo Budgeting 12 months into 9mo tuition payments
$359.82 – $143.52/school yr Total cost for the 9 mo. school year per student


399 Pkg (50) 26-50 students Up to 50 students
$15.34/mo-$7.98/mo Per month for 12 months
$20.46/mo-$10.64/mo Budgeting 12 months into 9mo tuition payments
$184.14 – $95.76/school yr Total cost for the 9 mo. school year per student


499 Pkg (75) 51-75 students Up to 75 students
$9.78/mo-$6.65/mo Per month for 12 months
$13.04/mo-$8.86/mo Budgeting 12 months into 9mo tuition payments
$117.36 – $79.80/school yr Total cost for the 9 mo. school year per student


599 Pkg (100) 76-100 students Up to 100 students
$7.88/mo-$5.99/mo Per month for 12 months
$10.50/mo-$7.98/mo Budgeting 12 months into 9mo tuition payments
$94.50 – $71.88/school yr Total cost for the 9 mo. school year per student


If I already own the DVD curriculum, do I get a discount for Equip?

Depending on how much of the curriculum has been purchased and how long ago it was purchased, you may qualify for a discount. Contact for more information.

How long is the subscription plan?

The BSSM Equip subscription plan is month-to-month, and there is no expiration as long as your account is in good standing. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Can I upgrade my package?

You can upgrade your package at any time. Just contact our BSSM Equip support team at and we can help you upgrade your package!

Can I cancel my subscription any time? How does that work? How do I get a refund?

You can cancel your account at any time. Email our BSSM Equip support team at Cancellations must be made at least 10 business days prior to the payment draft to not incur costs. Once payment is made, we do not offer refunds.

Can I share an account with another school/site?

No, each school should have their own account. Your BSSM Equip account is only for your school that provides access for your teachers and your school. We have worked hard to get BSSM Equip ready for each school.

How many students can I have with BSSM Equip?

With our Curriculum: Teachers & Students package, we offer a few options. The 26+ student package allows you to have up to 49 students. The 51+ student package allows you to have 51-74 students. The 76+ student package allows you to have 76-100 students. The 101+ package allows you to have 101-124 students. If you have more than 124 students in your school please contact us at for pricing information.

How long will I have access to Equip?

You will have access to BSSM Equip as long as your subscription account is in good standing!

Why should I switch from the old content?

While we love the old format of our content, we will not update content through the DVD curriculum. The DVD curriculum will continue to be available for purchase. BSSM Equip will create an on demand experience for you and your students. Because you can assign the same lesson to all your students at once, you can maximize the time your class spends together, creating more time for worship, activations, impartations, and more! All new and updated curriculum will be released through BSSM Equip.

What BSSM courses are included in BSSM Equip?

All of the classes from our original DVD curriculum are available as well as newly filmed BSSM courses. The main categories of the curriculum include: Identity, Intimacy, Supernatural Living, Kingdom Culture, Relationships, Bible, and Leadership. We will add new courses as frequently as we possibly can. Additionally, you will be able to access school leader training videos and resources about School Culture, School Leadership, and School Structure. You can download our course list here.

How often will the video curriculum content be updated?

Content will be updated and uploaded regularly. The exciting thing about BSSM Equip is that we will be able to more easily and more frequently give you access to new and updated videos and resources. We are excited to share with you new content as it becomes available.

Can I upload my own video content?

One of the best features of BSSM Equip is the ability to upload your own content! The Curriculum: Teachers & Students Package comes with the capability to record and upload videos to supplement the BSSM curriculum. Customize your school’s curriculum and learning plan to meet your specific needs!

Can you download the content?

The videos cannot be downloaded and are copyrighted. However, course resources such as summary notes for each video can be downloaded.

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