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What is BSSM Equip

BSSM Equip is an online platform that gives leaders of schools of supernatural ministry access to training, customizable curriculum, and resources that will maximize schools’ potential to transform lives and cities for the kingdom! BSSM Equip will enhance kingdom learning for your students both inside and outside the classroom.

BSSM Equip Features

School Benefits

  • Enhance your school’s on-campus experience.
  • Maximize the time with your students in class.
  • Increase the amount of time dedicated to worship, activations, discussion, outreach, and connect groups.
  • Extra time to teach live in class.
  • Multiple teachers can access curriculum outside of class to easily prepare for in class sessions.
  • Increase momentum in your school with access to more resources.
  • Increase the impact of your part-time school.

School Leader Training

  • Get equipped to take your school to the next level!
  • Resources for your school and students not found anywhere else.
  • Extensive training on how to build your school’s culture, leadership team, and school structure.
  • Training and resources to help you pastor your students in a supernatural environment.
  • Access the Toolkit for a variety of practical forms for admissions, finances, curriculum, student life, evaluations, and more!

BSSM Curriculum

  • Exclusive access to new and on demand BSSM curriculum.
  • Easily search curriculum by topic or teacher.
  • Customize the curriculum to suit your school’s needs. Use some or all, it’s your choice.
  • Learning plans for various topics such as prophetic, evangelism, healing, culture, leadership, and many more!
  • New courses and course resources added regularly.

Package Features


School Leader Training

Connect with the BSSM School Planting team as well as gain access to administrative and pastoral resources including templates and sample forms to walk you through each step of setting up and running a school.


BSSM Curriculum

Hundreds of hours of on-demand course content accessible to teachers and students. Many courses contain downloadable summary notes, review questions, and activations to increase the learning experience. The main categories of the curriculum include: Identity, Intimacy, Supernatural Living, Kingdom Culture, Relationships, Bible, and Leadership.

Learning Plans

Learning plans are developed from BSSM curriculum to guide students through a selected set of courses. Teachers can access existing learning plans or create their own customized learning plans for their students. The customizable learning plans can be used to help teachers organize curriculum for a semester or for the year.


Course Creation

In addition to the BSSM curriculum, teachers can add and create courses unique to their school. School leaders can record and save video content via a dedicated Zoom account for later use as well as create a live stream for students to join when necessary.


Learning Assessment

Teachers can create custom assignments, surveys, tests, and activations that reflect their unique school culture. School leaders can view, grade, and comment on students’ work as well as access reporting to show students’ activity and progress throughout the year.




Keep the class on the same page with paced learning. Teachers can enroll students in courses. Enroll students in all courses or specific courses available at the teacher’s discretion. *PLEASE NOTE: adding additional teachers is a manual process and can take up to 48 hours.


Dedicated support from BSSM School Planting and our online platform. Access a video tutorial to learn where all the tools on the dashboard need to get started are located. Additional training videos help explain how to set up the other options for customization.  

Look Inside

Inside a Course

Choose from three different ways to view the video inside a course.  View the course description and access downloadable summary notes for many of the videos. Utilize learning assessment tools such as assignments, tests, activations, and surveys to increase learning.

Inside a Learning Plan

Gain more understanding of the learning plan description as well as courses associated with a specific plan. Watch the courses in the suggested order or start with the course of your choice.

Teacher Dashboard

The teacher dashboard gives teachers quick access to the category list for training and BSSM curriculum courses, learning plans, community learning forums and more! Easily navigate through content. Access everything from one page.

Student Dashboard

The student dashboard gives students quick access to specific courses and learning plans selected by the teacher as well as access to the community learning forums. Students only access the content the teacher selects.

Choose a Package

School Leader Training


Number of Teachers: Up to 3
Number of Students: 0
On-Demand School Leader Training Courses
Administrative and Pastoral Resources
Multi-Language Navigation

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Curriculum: Teachers Only


Number of Teachers: Up to 3
Number of Students: 0
Everything from School Leaders Training package
On-Demand BSSM Curriculum
Learning Plans

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Starter Packages: Teachers & Students

$189/MO for 10
$239/MO for 15

Number of Teachers: Up to 3
Number of Students: 10 or 15
Everything from School Leaders Training and Teachers Only packages
Student Enrollment
Course Creation & Webinars
Learning Assessment
Private Community Learning

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Curriculum: Teachers & Students

$299/MO for 25
$399/MO for 50
$499/MO for 75
$599/MO FOR 100*

Number of Teachers: Up to 3
Number of Students: 25, 50, 75, or 100*
Everything from School Leaders Training, Teachers Only, & Starter packages
Licensed Zoom Account

*For schools with more than 100 students, please email schoolplanting@bethel.com for pricing information.

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